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Hervey Bay is considered the Whale Watching capital of the world.  The majestic Humpback whales come to play in the warm, sheltered waters every year. Humpback whales weigh up to 15 tonnes and average around 15 metres in length.  Whales are identified by their unique tails, like fingerprints on a human.Humpback Whale of Hervey Bay

Humpbacks generally feed on krill and herring, and have an interesting ritual in catching their prey. It is a group effort where the whales encircle the schools of krill and use noise, and bubbles created off their flipper movement to trap their food on the surface.

These gigantic mammals love the warm, secluded Hervey bay waters and visit here every year between early August and late November. The humpbacks come here to rest in shallow Platypus Bay and whale watchers are amazed by how inquisitive they are  coming right up to the whale watch vessels, slapping their tails and often breaching right out of the water

Below you'll find a  few links to sites where you can learn more about Whale Watching and the Fraser Coast.

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